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Volume 1-3 Quiz

These terms are all entries in DARE; they are used in various parts of the country.  See how many you can match up.

1. arigato
2. goose nest
3. iron man
4. crimmy
5. election pink
6. mean
7. kiss-me-quick
8. nebby
9. leppy
10. mouse
11. comb one's head
12. fish tail
13. jewlark
14. blockader
15. infare
16. get one's nose open
17. keekling
18. chank
19. feest
20. holy poke
a. a ball of bread dough fried in deep fat
b. to be infatuated or in love
c. a celebration for a newly married couple
d. cold, chilly
e. disgusted with, sated by
f. a dollar
g. to eat noisily, chew loudly
h. to flirt or court
i. a jazz dance step
j. a lump or swelling caused by a blow
k. a moonshiner
l. an orphan calf, lamb, or colt
m. a rhododendron
n. a sinkhole
o. snoopy, inquisitive
p. a sudden dip or rise in the road
q. thank you
r. a type of pastry
s. to whip, beat, scold severely
t. very, exceedingly
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