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blare eye

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blare eye n Also with the ~ West Cf blare v 3,  4, blare-eyed adj

1933 Olney Enterprise (TX) 10 Mar 1/2, For once in life, Facts could sleep not a wink from twelve o’clock till almost daybreak. . . He had no worries and the things the neighbors brought in for his supper . . agreed with his digestive organs perfectly. But he had the “blare eye.” 1966 Ramsey These Are 30 swNM, On moonlight nights I am pretty apt to suffer from what the cowboys refer to as “blare eye.” I have since heard it called insomnia. 1976 Baker Robbers Roost Recoll. 144 UT, He couldn’t sleep on bright moonlight nights—the full moon gave him the “blare eye.”
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