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flipper n1

= flapjack n 1. esp NEng
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A spatula. Cf egg turner n
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A slingshot; occas, some other implement for the same purpose; see quot 1952. Cf bean-flipper n, flipper crotch n, gravel-flipper n, nigger-flipper n, rubber flipper n, flip n1 1
1885 Kokomo Gaz. Tribune (IN) 28 Apr 1/2, We are glad to note that the city council has taken action on the “flipper” nuisance. . . The birds that should be greeted with a cordial welcome among our city shade trees are unmercifully slaughtered by these rubber “flippers.” 1952 Brown NC Folkl. 1.234, Flippers—These were made from strong, springy wood like hickory or oak. A small limb or the trunk of a small tree was used. They were left round on one end for a handle. The other end was shaped off much like the half of a bow. They were held with one hand, while the other hand was used to hold a small pebble to shoot out for a distance of forty to fifty yards. Small boys used to use them in war games. 1970 Tarpley Blinky 230 neTX, Boy’s weapon made of rubber strips on a forked stick . . 6% [of 200 infs] (nigger) flipper. Ibid 231, An unusual geographical distribution may be seen for (nigger) flipper, a name which appears to be used almost universally in Red River County but which is known in only three other counties. 1971 Bright Word Geog. CA & NV 158, Slingshot . . flipper (crutch) 2% [of 300 infs]. 2005 in 2015 DARE File—Internet UT, We had flippers and flipper crotches. . . And lilacs grew those forks just right. You look just right you could find perfect flipper crotches. And we would get out and I’ll tell you that I got pretty good with those flippers. 2013 Ibid WY, We would hunt sage chickens with a flipper crutch (sling shot). . . One day. . . I let loose with the flipper and the angle was so high that it hit my $70.00 watch that I had received for a graduation gift.
A handspring. Cf flip n1 2, flip-flop n 2
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In marble play: a shooter.
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