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cutter n

A light horse-drawn sleigh used primarily for passengers and having a single set of runners. chiefly Nth, exc eNEng See Map
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An inferior grade of beef animal, a cull or reject; inferior beef from such an animal. scattered, but chiefly Midl See Map
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A fine fellow; also transf to an animal. Cf cutter at critter n
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also cutter-out: One who separates cattle from a herd; a horse used in separating cattle. [ cut v 5] West Cf cutting horse n
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A foxhound that tries to anticipate the fox’s path rather than following the scent. chiefly S Midl
1917 Portsmouth Daily Times (OH) 16 Feb 15/2, Our association has a hound which we will match against Roush’s dog, but we must have a clean chase of from 8 to 15 hours. Roush’s dog must not be a ‘cutter’ and will not be allowed to cut across the ridges in the proposed race. 1934 Atchison Daily Globe (KS) 26 May 5/6 nwMO, The unfair running hound will not always follow the line of scent, but will leave the pack and cut across country in an effort to get in very close behind the fox on its circle. This hound is called a cutter and is outlawed by all good fox hunters. 1938 Davis et al. Stranger 39, He asked, "D’you like fox houn’s?" "Raised with ’em," I enthused. He glanced disapprovingly at my tan field boots . . . “What’s a cutter?” was his next question. . . "A cutter is an abomination in any orderly fox pack. Sometimes through knowledge of fox crossings, sometimes because of infirmities or other handicaps which incapacitate him from running well up in the pack, and sometimes from a combination of both factors and just pure cussedness thrown in, he will cut across country and pick up the trail far ahead of his running companions.” 1950 Stuart Hie Hunters 14 eKY, “What do you mean by a ‘good cutter’?” “She won’t follow the track with the other hounds. She knows these fox woods and foxes so well she makes for the places where the foxes cross the ridges and the low gaps. . . Fleet not only gits ahead of the other dogs, but she gits ahead of the fox and she sits and waits on ’im. . . The other hunters don’t like Fleet because she cuts on their hounds.” 1977 Athens LC News Courier (AL) 14 Dec sec A 2/6, Right in the middle of the race, the cutter . . will . . leave the pack, figure out the fox’s route and cut across to head him off just for a brief moment of glory. 1977 in 1983 Pancake Stories 81 WV, Queen burst to attack just as the confused fox retreated toward her. There was a yelp, and the fox dashed for the hollow with Queen running a sight chase. “That damn cutter,” Bill shouted. Bo drunkenly swung the .45 from his coat pocket, shot at Queen, and missed. 1992 Hufford Chaseworld 113 cNJ, “We don’t like a dog that’s what I call a cutter,” said Jack Davis. “He leaves the track and runs around to the front and tries to get ahead.” Even these can be made to serve a purpose, however.
One who earmarks cattle.
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A revolver. Cf cut down v phr 1
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also attrib: A sharp blade in front of a plowshare to cut roots or other impediments; a colter; hence cutter the plow itself. chiefly S Midl
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Perh = cutaway harrow n.
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