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biggity adj

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biggity adj Also sp biget(t)y, biggaty, biggedy, biggety, biggidy, biggoty, bigit(t)y, bigot(t)y [Engl dial (EDD bigotty adj. “Bumptious, overbearing, self-willed”) < bigot + -y suff1 1; the sense has prob been affected by assoc with big. The adj bigoted is also occas attested with a similar shift of sense; cf EDD bigoted “Stupid, self-willed (without reference to any religious intolerance)” and quot 1902 below.] chiefly Sth, S Midl See Map Cf biggity adv, briggity adj

Exhibiting a sense of superiority or self-importance; arrogant, insolent, “uppity”; hence n biggitiness.
1880 (1881) Harris Uncle Remus Songs 116 GA [Black], Dey er mighty biggity, dem house niggers is, but I notices dat dey don’t let nuthin’ pass. 1884 Smith Bill Arp’s Scrap Book 79 nwGA, The modern boy is entirely too bigity. 1895 DN 1.384 SC, Biggity: proud. 1899 Davis Wire Cutters 85 wTX,I don’t see what call Sister Calline Crouch has to be so biggaty. . . One room on top of another ain’t no better than one room behint another, as I can see. 1902 DN 2.229 sIL, Bigoted or bigoty. . . Conceited; proud; haughty. 1903 DN 2.306 seMO, Bigotty. . . Conceited. 1905 DN 3.70 nwAR, Bigotty. . . Haughty. ‘She don’t need to be so bigotty, I'm as good as she is.’ . . Common. 1906 DN 3.115 sIN, Bigotty. . . Conceited, haughty. 1918 DN 5.18 NC, Biggety, proud, vain. 1926 AmSp 1.410 Okefenokee, He ’uz mad. He walked jest like a billy goat (you’ve seen ’em when they’re mad—feel bigitty). 1927 Kennedy Gritny 88 sLA [Black], The first of these [=purposes], interpreted by many of his unsympathetic friends as a sort of unseemly arrogance, which they called his “biggidy ways,” won for him the name of “w’ite-folks nigger.” 1933 Rawlings South Moon 81 FL, You’d better not go to gittin’ biggety nor lookin’ for a fuss. c1937 in 1945 FWP Lay My Burden Down 252 AR [Black], They went to the Freedmen’s Bureau and told how he beat me and what he done it for—biggitiness. He was a biggity-acting and braggy-talking old man. 1941 Justus Cabin on Kettle Creek 4 KY, TN, An outlander teacher with a lot o’ bigetty ways. 1943 Writers’ Program NC Bundle of Troubles 25, And biggoty—he [=Mr. Bullfrog] was ’bout the biggotiest and high-steppinest critter I ever seed—and seem like all he think ’bout was his fine clothes. 1944 PADS 2.54 MO, VA, NC, SC, TN, Biggety. 1948 Faulkner Intruder 19 MS, You goddamn biggity stiffnecked stinking burrheaded Edmonds sonofabitch. 1952 Brown NC Folkl. 1.520, Biggity, biggedy, bigety, biggoty. . . Self-important.—General. 1965–70 DARE (Qu. GG19a, When . . a person acts . . important or independent: “He surely is _____these days.”) 14 Infs, chiefly Sth, S Midl, Biggity; (Qu. HH8, A person who likes to brag) Infs SC10, 11, Biggity; (Qu. HH35, A woman who puts on a lot of airs: “She’s too _____for me.”) Infs GA74, KY26, NJ15, VA15, Biggity; (Qu. II23, . . People who are, or think they are, the best society of a community) Infs FL48, KY44, 85, Biggity; (Qu. II36b, If somebody who talks back or gives rude answers you might say, “She certainly is _____!”) Inf FL52, Biggity; (Qu. U37, . . Expressions about somebody who has plenty of money) Inf NC85, Biggety. 1974 Bee (Danville VA) 10 Oct sec B 1/4, Her answer was “No, but I’m sure that I can,” and she adds with a throaty chuckle, “I was biggety, you know.” 1994 in 2016 (acc) Lexis–Nexis Legal Research State Case Law: LA (Internet), Plaintiff himself admitted that he had been verbally disciplined because a “customer was complaining against [him]” for getting “biggity.” 2015 in 2016 DARE File—Internet csLA, I thought that everyone in a highschool band would be biggity and cocky towards freshman. It wasn’t the case though.

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