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camp robin

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[Note: Parts of this entry were previously at camp robber.]

camp robin n esp NW Cf camp robber n

= Canada jay n.
1895 Buffalo Commercial (NY) 6 May 6/3 OR, There were no birds to be seen during the winter, but the last of March a sort of camp robin came round his place, and a lot of grosbeaks. 1907 Washington Herald (DC) 3 Mar sec 3 3/2 AK, The camp robin is an interesting character in his way. He is lead-colored, with a long tail, and is about the size of a robin, with the build of a bluejay. He is a flesh-eater and a natural-born thief, who steals whatever he can get his bill on. 1913 Hunter-Trader-Trapper Feb 55 wWA, It was such a fine looking place for marten, on a beautiful smooth ridge, that I shot a camp-robin, or what some call butcher-birds, and we baited one trap with it. 1945 Atwood Rocky Mts. 96, One can hardly lay down part of his biscuit before a knowing camp robin, or “robber,” who has had his eye on it all the time, sidles up to take it off in his bill. 1949 Emrich Wild West Custom208, Prospectors . . befriended the friendly and curious jay—the “camp robber” or “camp robin”—and the porcupine.


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