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camelback n

1 also attrib, also camel: A locomotive with the cab over the middle of the boiler.
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2 usu attrib: A house, usu of a deep narrow form, that is one story high in front and two stories in back. esp New Orleans LA, Louisville KY Cf camelopard house n
1909 Times–Democrat (New Orleans LA) 5 Apr 5/1, Camel-back cottage for James A. Brennan, Calhoun and Magazine. 1916 St. Bernard Voice (Arabi LA) 22 Jan [4]/4, [Advt:] Residence with 5 rooms and kitchen (camel-back house) on Angela. 1922 Plainfield Courier–News (NJ) 7 Mar 19/7, [Advt:] Six rooms, bath, camel back house. 1941 Writers’ Program Guide Louisiana 158, The “camel-back” house, one-story in front and two stories in the rear, . . [is] of frequent occurrence in New Orleans. 1968 Courier–Jrl. (Louisville KY) 8 Aug sec B 1/3, One camel-back house at the corner of 16th and Stone Alley was wide open. 1968 DARE (Qu. D23, A house that is divided in two through the middle so that two families can live in it) Inf LA23, Camelback double. 1968 DARE File New Orleans LA, Camelback house—[a] house that is one story high in front. At the back, above the last room, it is two stories high. 1971 Today Show Letters New Orleans LA, Camelback—This type house usually has five rooms on one level and two rooms above the two rooms in the rear of the house. 1976 Courier–Jrl. & Times (Louisville KY) 25 Apr sec A 24/3, The homes [open for tours include] . . a brick camelback shotgun house at 939 S. Seventh St. 1981 Pederson LAGS Urban Material New Orleans LA, Camel back [means that] only the back part [of a house] is two-story. 2000 Tampa Tribune (FL) 13 May S. Tampa sec 1/1, Mark Hochsprung and his wife . . decided to live in a nearby apartment complex while they renovated their 1923 camelback bungalow. 2010 Courier–Jrl. (Louisville KY) 5 Jan sec B 8/2, The fire started about 4:25 p.m. Monday in the second floor of a camelback house. 2016 in 2017 DARE File—Internet New Orleans LA, Pam wanted a camelback house where she could entertain guests, and Whitney wanted a bigger lot.
3 See quot. [OED 1631] Also called razorback n 5, saddleback n 4
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4 See quot.
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