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baby buggy

baby buggy n

also buggy: = baby carriage n. chiefly west of Appalachians See Map
1869 Daily NE Press (Nebraska City) 2 Oct [4]/2, Nebraska State Fair. . . The following premiums have been awarded: . . Best . . baby buggy Afghan—Mrs Roberts. 1896 DN 1.411 WA, Baby-buggy. 1904 DN 2.416 nwAR, Put Willie in the baby-buggy. 1947 NYT Mag. 12 Oct 26/3 NYC, A bunch of baby buggies are parked in front. 1949 Kurath Word Geog. 77, West of the Alleghenies, baby buggy [predominates]. Baby buggy is current also in Ohio and on the lower Kanawha in West Virginia. 1950 WELS (Vehicles for babies and small children: that they can lie down in) 20 Infs, WI, Baby buggy; (That they have to sit up in) 1 Inf, seWI, Baby buggy. 1965–70 DARE (Qu. N42, Vehicles . . a baby . . can lie down in) 442 Infs, throughout US, but chiefly west of Appalachians, Baby buggy; 43 Infs, throughout US, but chiefly west of Appalachians, Buggy; (Qu. N43, Vehicles . . a small child . . has to sit up in) 20 Infs, scattered, Baby buggy; AL32, GA28, IL89, MO35, NY156, OH67, OK13, WV2, Buggy. 1970 Tarpley Blinky 107 neTX, For 64% of the informants, a vehicle used to push the baby in is a buggy; for 24% of them, it is a carriage. 1991 Orange Co. Reg. (Santa Ana CA) 5 May sec R 9/4, [Advt:] Baby buggy—converts to stroller, must see. 2014 Gettysburg Times (PA) 22 Feb sec A 7/5, Infant strollers or baby buggies are prohibited due to limited space in shop.

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1942 Henry High Border 326 nRocky Mts, The expectant ewe throws up her head twice, whereupon the men on watch push a “baby buggy” toward her—an arrangement on wheels, into which the ewe and her lamb, or twin lambs, are placed, to be wheeled to shelter.
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