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Quarterly Updates

Since the launch of Digital DARE, published by Harvard University Press in 2013, DARE editors have continued to write new entries and senses and to update and revise existing ones.  We present to you here ongoing Quarterly Updates, which will be (and will remain) freely available on this site, but they will also be incorporated, along with other revisions and corrections, in yearly updates to the Digital DARE. If you're new to DARE, please check out the Resources at Digital DARE which include how to read an entry.

All Updated Entries

Quarterly Update 12, Spring 2018

Quarterly Update 11, Winter 2018

Quarterly Update 10, Fall 2017

Quarterly Update 9, Summer 2017

Quarterly Update 8, Spring 2017

Quarterly Update 7, Winter 2017

Quarterly Update 6, Fall 2016

Quarterly Update 5, Summer 2016

Quarterly Update 4, Spring 2016

Quarterly Update 3, Winter 2016

Quarterly Update 2, Fall 2015 

Quarterly Update 1, Summer 2015

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