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fraction n

fraction n
1  A disturbance, commotion, fracas. [OED fraction sb. 3 “Obs.”] S Midl1917 DN 4.412 wNC, Fraction. . . Ruction. “I don’t know what the fraction was, but he flew mad about something.” 1913 Kephart Highlanders 288 sAppalachians, I don’t know how the fraction begun, but Os feathered into Dan and Phil, feedin’ them lead.  1930 AmSp 5.426 Ozarks, Fraction, in the Ozarks, still means a quarrel or fight, just as it did in Shakespeare’s day. 1949 Webber Backwoods Teacher 107 Ozarks, We heard of violent “fractions,” even to the wrecking of all the furniture in a cabin, at a fiddle dance.  1952 Brown NC Folkl. 1.542, Fraction. . . A fight, disturbance.
2  A trying time.1940 Harris Folk Plays 89 NC, I wa’n’t thar when the Johnsons come after me . . and I had a fraction a-walkin’ back.  Ibid 94, [Stage directions:] Ca’line . . [is] twisting all the while. Ella is having a “fraction” pinning on the skirt.
3  in phrr to a (or the) fraction: Perfectly; to the highest degree.1811 in 1869 Irving Life & Letters 1.201 NY, This place would suit you to a fraction.  1858 Bennett Chronology of NC 24, They both lived to a very old age, truthful, faithful, obedient and honest to a fraction.  1966–68 DARE (Qu. KK3a, Words for the perfect condition . . in cooking: “It’s done to _____.”) Inf MO38, A fraction; (Qu. KK50, . . Down to the last detail: “He had it all worked out _____.”) Infs DE7, VT10, Down to a fraction; DC8, To the fraction. [All Infs old]
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