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farewell-summer n

 also farewell-to-summer, goodbye-summer, summer’s farewell: Any of several asters.chiefly cAppalachians

1894 Jrl. Amer. Folkl. 7.91 WV, Aster diffusus . . Gray, white devil, wire-weed, devil-weed, Old Virginia stick-weed, old-field-sweet, farewell-summer, nail-rod. . . Aster (a purple species), Good-by [sic] Summer, Lincolnton, N.C. 1900 Lyons Plant Names 51, Aster. . . Local names in America are Frost-flower, Good-bye-summer, Daisy (Ohio).1931 Clute Common Plants 140, Several species of this tribe [=Aster spp]are called farewell-summer. 1940 (1978) Still River of Earth 174 KY, Mother brought out an armload of yellowrods, stickweed blooms, and farewell-summer Euly had stuck around in fruit jars. 1949 (1958) Stuart Thread 177 eKY, Above the blackboards and between the windows were decorations of autumn leaves, clusters of red shoe-make berries, bittersweet, pale-blue and white farewell-to-summer. 1968–70 DARE (Qu. S25, What do you call the small wild chrysanthemum-like flowers . . that bloom in fields late in the fall?) Infs KY47, VA28Aux [=sister of VA28], Farewell-summer; (Qu. S26a, . . Roadside flowers) Inf VA105, Farewell-summer; (Qu. S26e, Other wildflowers) Inf VA24, Summer’s farewell. c1969 DARE FW Addit KY, Goodbye-summers . . late blooming asters with a flower that has purple or lavender petals around a yellow center (either large-leaved aster, heart-leaved aster, red-stalked aster, late purple aster, or a combination).

goldenrod n 1.

1944 Times Dispatch (Richmond VA)9 Aug 8/6 (Hench Coll.), The goldenrod, known also as farewell Summer, is blooming and the Joe-Pye-Weed is making ready to join the procession.


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