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Eat the greaser

eat the greaser v phr  [See quot 1923] esp NY  =eat one's hat. 1901 DN 2.141 NY [College words and phrases], Greaser. . . “I'll do it or eat the greaser.” Probably obsolescent. 1923 DN 5.239 swWI, Eat the greaser. . . To eat the pork and rind used to grease a griddle. (Fig.). “If that ain't so, I'll eat the greaser.”  1939 (1962) Thompson Body & Britches 499 NY, If that isn't so, I'll eat the greaser. (The salt pork used to grease the pancake-griddle.) 1968 DARE FW Addit NY 52, If such-and-such happens, I'll eat the greaser [ˈgrisɚ].

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