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zori n [Japanese zori (sg and pl); OED2 1823 →] esp HI, West Cf go-ahead n 1, flip-flop n 6
A thonged sandal, esp one made of rubber.

1958 ID State Jrl. (Pocatello) 30 Sept 12/6, [Advt:] “Zoris” Thong Sandals—Ideal Shower Shoes. . . 77¢. 1960 Garfieldian & Garfield News (Chicago IL) 13 July sec G 7/1, [Advt:] Women’s and Children’s zoris—33¢—Rubber thong sandals that are perfect for beach, back yard or casual wear. 1967 DARE (Qu. W21) Inf HI1, Zoris [zori]—Japanese slippers with a piece between the big toe and next toe. 1972 Carr Da Kine Talk 90 HI, Zōri, the low Japanese thong slippers often called “go-aheads” and “grass slippers,” are worn by men and women of all ethnic groups and for many more occasions than in Japan. 1972 McCormick Vocab. HI 73, Zori—sandal with piece between toes. 1978 DARE File nCA (as of 1950s), During the summer we wore rubber thongs if any shoes at all. We called them flip-flops, but to some of our friends they were go-aheads or zories. [1998 DARE File, I first encountered the rubber, foot shaped zori in late 1951. Several veterans of the Korean War . . wore these “Japanese shower shoes” around the barracks. . . [T]hey were not available in the PX at that time. . . [I]n February 1955, the foot shaped zori were available in the Camp Kilmer, NJ, PX. . . In September 1958 I . . discovered that zori were a popular item [at the University of Hawaii]. Most of the students wore them, and they were available in . . the sundries section of the supermarket.] 2003 Guterson Our Lady 52 swWA, Was there really something called Florida Priest Week? A coterie of priests in bathing suits and zoris, discussing, say, the communion of saints?
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