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X-Y-Z exclam [Initialism for “eXamine Your Zipper”] esp NEast Cf barn door n 2b; icebox n 2; one o’clock, it’s phr; stable n 2

1968–69 DARE (Qu. W24c, . . To warn a man that his trouser-fly is open) Infs MI97Aux, NY209Aux [a 10-year-old], X-Y-Z; NJ45, My little sister says X-Y-Z [All Infs young]; RI17, X-Y-Z [FW: Inf’s granddaughter says]. 1985–86 DARE File, “The current code is: XYZ, B.S.S. (=examine your zipper before someone sees)”—reported by several women in 20–30 age range, office personnel at U. Mass., Amherst. 2007 DARE File—Internet, [Children’s song:] You gotta XYZ examine your zipper. It falls down so mysteriously./ XYZ examine your zipper cause noone’s gonna take you seriously./ Then some kids they were pointing at me./ . . / And someone yelled out XYZ.
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