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whang v With ~together, ~up, rarely ~out [Orig from whang n1 1 meaning spec to sew with thongs, but now freq assoc with whang to strike, bang] chiefly Midl See Map

To sew up quickly or roughly; to make or mend in a makeshift way.

1855 Smith Legends of War 330 KY, He “whanged,” together some pieces of deer skin, with the hair outside and wore it for a covering to his head in very cold or snowy weather. 1859 in 1959 Colorado Mag. 102 MO, Stopped at noon two hours and whanged up my moccasins—pretty near barefooted. 1892 Smith On Wheels 138 cwIL, I . . was encumbered with my heavy boots, which at Meridian I had so badly burned while drying them that the soles and uppers had to be “whanged” together with strings. 1909 Pioneer Days SW 179, He then killed an antelope, took the hide and made the girls some moccasins, that is he whanged up something for their feet. 1939 AmSp 14.92 eTN, To whang up. To sew up roughly. ‘She whanged up the ripped place.’ 1946 PADS 6.32 swVA, Whang up. . . To patch or repair a garment hurriedly. . . Occasional. 1950 WELS (When a woman wants to sew up a torn place quickly, she says, “I’ll just _____.”) 1 Inf, csWI, Whang it up. 1954 Harder Coll.cwTN, Whang it together. . . Whoop it up. 1965–70 DARE (Qu. W28, When a woman is in a hurry and has to sew up a torn place quickly . . “I’ll just _____.”) Infs AR40, IL74, KY37, 84, MD17, MS59, MO4, OK1, 47, Whang it up; OH53, 87, OK47, Whang it together; (Qu. W29, . . Expressions . . for things that are sewn carelessly . . “They’re _____.”) Infs AR40, KY84, (Just) whanged up; MD17, Just whanged out; OH53, Whanged together. [10 of 11 total Infs comm type 4 or 5, 9 old, 8 gs educ or less] 2005 in 2008 DARE File—Internet MD, Maybe I should whang together one of those PVC trebuchets I saw on the web a while back, and bombard her with water balloons. 2008 Ibid OH, I just whanged up a couple of elisp modules to support fontified editing of Java source code.

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