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weaner house

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weaner house n Also weaner, ~ cabin, weaning cabin, ~ house chiefly S Midl
A small house, usu on a family farm, provided as a temporary first home for newlyweds by the parents or other relatives of one of the couple.

1929 Parker Grand Mt. School 43 nwAR (as of 1890s), The first two years together were spent in the “Weaner” house a short distance from the Parker home. 1965 TN Hist. Qrly. 24.106 eTN, Later [the house] was used as a “weaner” by the Shields family. When one of the boys married, he occupied the house until he could get his own dwelling built. 1973 Pennington Pedigrees 5.1.66 KY, Grandfather had a tenant house in which the young people lived until they could build their own house. He called it his “weaning house.” 1977 San Jacinto News–Times (Shepherd TX) 14 Apr 5/8, It was built in 1868 for the Nikolas Crane family and used as a “weaning cabin.” 1979 Our Smokies Heritage Sept 308 eTN, When the eldest son (about 18 yrs) decided to get married they built him a smaller log cabin and barn at the back of the Flats about a half mile away—This cabin was called the Weaner cabin or Honeymoon house. 1981 Kennedy Our Baldridge Forebears 4 AR, As Wiley’s and Tennie’s children married, different ones of them lived in the old house so that it became known as the “weaning house”. 1982 Slone How We Talked 5 eKY (as of c1950), Some parents had a small, one-room house close by where the newlyweds first lived, while waiting to build a house of their own. This house was called “a weaning house.” 1990 in 2007 DARE File—Internet nwLA (as of 1930s), We still lived in the little “weaning house” almost three years later when baby Chris was born. 2006 Ibid, My country relatives have employed something called a “Weaner House” or “Brooder House” for at least three generations to help start off new couples. 2007 Ibid ceKY, Bascom inherited a portion of the original May Farm, and for many years he and his wife Annie lived in the Weaning House.
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