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uptown adj Also uptownish, up-to-town Cf intown adv B
Stylish, sophisticated; prosperous—in phr go uptown to gain respectability.

1855 Willis Rag-Bag 340 NEast, Billings . . is a handsome man of a very up town address, with the finest teeth possible. 1930 Reno Eve. Gaz. (NV) 1 Oct 4/3 NYC, [McIntyre column:] A novelist describes the reputed break between a very uptown motion picture couple. 1943 Monessen Daily Independent (PA) 24 June 6/1 NYC, [Driscoll column:] Sheik Khalil also appeared occasionally at very uptown parties in the late evenings. 1966–68 DARE (Qu. GG19a, When you can see from the way a person acts that he’s feeling important or independent: “He surely is _____ these days.”) Inf TX11, Uptown; (Qu. HH2, Names and nicknames for a citified person) Infs KS8, LA17, TX18, 42, Uptown; FL28, Uptown boy; TX11, Uptownish. 1966 DARE FW Addit OK24, I can’t do much with these up-to-town cars. [1970 Major Dict. Afro-Amer. Slang 119, Uptown: stylishness; wealth.] 1970 DARE Tape TN62, Boy, when he had an agate marble, he was uptown with a derby hat on. It cost a nickel. 1976 Lynn–Vecsey Loretta Lynn xi eKY, Yeah, Madison Square Garden, that’s right. So I’ve seen country music go uptown, like we say. 1979 DARE File Madison WI, Here, let me fix that so it looks real uptown. [Television crewman, adjusting microphone-tieclip.] 1986 Pederson LAGS Concordance, 1 inf, cAL, If a man had a corn sheller, he was uptown; 1 inf, neAL, Uptown = highfalutin. 1996 in 2006 DARE File—Internet, [He] was looking very uptown in a white suit and polka-dot shirt. 2004 in 2007 Ibid csWI, Java Potions Plus—a real uptown coffee shop in Wisconsin Dells. 2007 Ibid csIL, When I became a teenager I got to shop at Zwick’s new Concept Two store & thought it was real uptown! Ibid nwCA, We also have food service right in the pits, real bathrooms & paved parking. . . real uptown.
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