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toad-strangler n Also toad-choker, ~-floater, toadfrog-strangler, toad-stringer, ~-washer chiefly Gulf States, S Midl See Map Cf frog-strangler n

A very heavy rain.

1906 Landmark (Statesville NC) 1 June [4/5] ( TX, Have had several rains in the past two weeks and last night a regular toad strangler fell. 1938 Rawlings Yearling 228 nFL, Hit’s a toad-strangler of a rain. 1944 PADS 2.61 swMO, Toad-strangler. . . A heavy rain. Greene Co. Rare. . . [PADS Ed: Also Va., N.C., S.C.] 1950 PADS 14.77 FL, Toad-floater. . . A downpour of rain. 1965–70 DARE (Qu. B25, . . Joking names . . for a very heavy rain. . . “It’s a regular _____.”) 32 Infs, chiefly Gulf States, S Midl, Toad-strangler; GA73, 77, Toadfrog-strangler; SC29, Toad-washer; (Qu. B24, . . A sudden, very heavy rain) Infs FL7, LA7, Toad-strangler; FL29, Toad-strangler—a quick, very heavy rain—over quite fast. 1985 Ladwig How to Talk Dirty 15 Ozarks, It was a log-roller and a toad-choker . . (heavy rain). 1986 Pederson LAGS Concordance Gulf Region, (Heavy rain) 17 infs, Toad-strangler(s); 2 infs, Toad-stringer; 1 inf, Toad-frog strangler; (Thunderstorm) 4 infs, Toad-strangler; 1 inf, Toad-stringer. 2001 DARE File Indianapolis IN, “A sudden, very heavy rain.” In Indiana it’s called a “toad-strangler.”

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