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summons v chiefly NEast, Sth, S Midl, SW See Map

To serve with a summons or similar legal order; to take out a summons against.

1659 in 1867 Upham Salem Witchcraft 1.433 MA, John Godfrey . . shall be legally summonsed thereunto. 1676 in 1868 Sewall Hist. Woburn MA 58, The Selectmen mett . . and summonsed Hopestill Foster for inordinate wages. 1729 in 1857 New Engl. Hist. & Geneal. Reg. 11.244 MA, Then I . . Summonsed Danil Jesham to appeear at ye same time. 1853 Flagg Venice 2.451, He had summonsed its officers to justify themselves for disobedience of orders. 1880 Living Age 147.507 TN, He . . brought up sixteen children, not one of whom, except me, has ever been summonsed before a justice. 1893 Shands MS Speech 61, Summons. Used as a verb even by educated people; as, “He was summonsed before the court.” 1899 (1912) Green VA Folk-Speech 429, Summons. . . To serve with a summons. 1909 DN 3.159 nwAR, Summons. . . To summon. “They summonsed me.” Ibid 377 eAL, wGA, Summons. . . To summon to court. Common. 1946 PADS 6.29 eNC (as of 1900–10), Summons. . . To summon. “I was summonsed to court last week.” . . Common. c1960 Wilson Coll.csKY, Uncle Ed has been summonsed to serve on the jury. 1965–70 DARE (Qu. V8b, Of a person who has been given a paper ordering him into court . . “He was _____ into court.”) 179 Infs, chiefly NEast, Sth, S Midl, SW, Summonsed; CT30, Summonsed in; OK28, Summonsed to appear in; (Qu. V8a) Inf FL39, Summonsed. 1992 NY Times (NY) 24 May 38/1, “If they’re legal, fine,” Chief Ryan said, “if not . . , they’ll be summonsed.” 1997 in 2004 Montgomery–Hall Dict. Smoky Mt. Engl. 582 wNC, eTN, Summons. . . To take out a summons against. . . (known to nine consultants). 2007 Portland Press Herald (ME) 8 Feb sec E 2 (Internet), She was summonsed for speed, possession of marijuana and drug paraphernalia.

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