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smaller states

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smaller states n pl AK Cf lower adj 2b
With the~: The states of the US other than Alaska, esp the contiguous states.

1958 NY Times (NY) 3 July 49/5, Robert Atwood, an Alaskan newspaper publisher. . . said: “The week-ends are spent just as they are throughout the smaller states of the Union.” 1959 Tri-City Herald (Pasco WA) 9 Jan 3/6, The Fairbanks Daily News-Miner . . said that in the future it will refer to the other 48 states as “the smaller states.” 1973 River Times Mar/Apr 5 (Tabbert Dict. Alaskan Engl.), The following article by Reggie Joseph tells about his experiences last fall while touring the smaller states. 1978 Fairbanks Daily News–Miner 9 Jan 4 (Tabbert Dict. Alaskan Engl.), A local beer connoisseur wasn’t impressed with a six-pack of Billy Carter’s ‘Billy’ beer a friend brought back from the smaller states recently. 2002 DARE File—Internet AK, They said someday it would attract mushers from all sections of Alaska the smaller states and even foreign countries.
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