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say-so n  [LaFr say-so (de crème). This is generally regarded as from Engl say so, but the sense remains unexplained.] An ice-cream cone.[1931 Read LA French 116, Say-so. . . English “say so,” used in various ways. Un say-so de crème, for example, is the equivalent of “a cone of ice-cream.” 1939 AmSp 14.200 sLA, The following English words have passed into the active French vocabulary with pronunciations approximately English. . . Say so [seso]. An ice-cream cone.]  1967 DARE FW Addit LA14, A say-so [ˈseɪˌsou]—old-fashioned—for ice-cream cone. 1981 DARE File seTX (as of c1930), As a child growing up in the Gulf Coast region near the Louisiana border I frequently went to the local drugstores to purchase a “say-so” (I never knew how it was spelled) which was an ice-cream cone. I have always suspected it was of Cajun origin.


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