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Sally Lunn

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Sally Lunn n  Also Sally Lund, Sally Lunn bread [OED2 Sally Lunn sb. 1.a 1780 →]
1 A rich, usu sweet, yeast bread or its quick-bread counterpart; see quots. esp NC, VA See Map1847 (1979) Rutledge Carolina Housewife 207, Sally Lunn. Two eggs, two small cups of cream, two cups of loaf sugar, one pint of flour, half a pound of butter, one tea-spoonful of mace. . . add a tea-spoonful of tartaric acid, one and a half tea-spoonfuls of soda.  1853 (1982) Lea Domestic Cookery 76, Sally Lunn. Warm a quart of milk with a quarter of a pound of butter, and a heaped spoonful of sugar; beat up three eggs, and put in, with a little salt, and flour enough to make it stiffer than pound-cake; beat it well; put in a tea-cup of yeast, and let it rise; butter a fluted pan and pour it in; bake it in a quick oven, slice and butter it. 1879 (1965) Tyree Housekeeping in Old VA 34, Sally-Lunn. [4 recipes are given for yeast-leavened breads.] Ibid 36, Quick Sally-Lunn [leavened with soda and cream of tartar].  1887 Century Illustr. Mag. 35.16 VA, A procession of little darkies . . was seen to pass and repass, supporting plates of hot batter-cakes, muffins, Sally Lunns, rice waffles.  1932 (1946) Hibben Amer. Regional Cookery 6 VA, Risen Sally Lunn.Ibid 7 SC, Quick Sally Lunn.1940 Brown Amer. Cooks 637 NC, Old-Fashioned Sally Lunn . . flour . . salt . . sugar . . yeast cake . . milk . . eggs . . butter. . . Cover and let rise. . . Pour into buttered funnel cake pan. . . Turn out and carry to the tea table at once.  Ibid 846 VA, Sally Lunn . . flour . . sugar . . baking powder . . salt . . milk . . eggs . . butter. . . Bake in a well buttered funnel pan, or in muffin pans. Eat with tea. All of the old-time Sally Lunns were made with yeast, and many were as sweet and rich as cake.  1965–70 DARE (Qu. H18, . . Special kinds of bread) Infs VA4, 83, 98, 104, 108, Sally Lunn (bread); TN5, Sally Lund; VA33, Sally Lunn—made in a loaf; eaten hot, and broken off in chunks; never cut; NC36, Sally Lunn bread—risen, baked in a round tube pan—light and sweet; VA23, Sally Lunn bread—between a cake and a bread; used for Sunday night supper; VA42, Sally Lunn bread—cake-like; VA74, Sally Lunn bread—old-fashioned. [8 of 11 Infs coll educ] 1986 Pederson LAGS Concordance (Kinds of bread made of flour) 3 infs, AL, GA, TN, Sally Lunn (bread). 1988 Lincoln Avenue 222 wNC (as of c1940) [Black], She was an excellent cook, turning out extraordinary cakes and pies or Sally Lunn or Charlotte Russe with effortless perfection.
2 See quots.
1966–69 DARE (Qu. H14, Bread that’s made with cornmeal) Inf IL55, Sally Lunn—more like a pudding, made with cornmeal; (Qu. H63, Kinds of desserts) Inf FL15, Sally Lunn—whipped cream with sponge cake served in deep dish—old-fashioned.  1986 Pederson LAGS Concordance (Kinds of bread . . made from cornmeal) 1 inf, csGA, Sally Lunn = spoon bread; VA corn bread dish.


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