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piloncillo n |ˌpilonˈsiə| and varr; see quots 1967, 1981 Also pelonce, peloncillo, pilonce, pilonci, pilonsillo [MexSpan; dimin of pilon a loaf of sugar] chiefly TX
Unrefined sugar, usu in the form of a cone or loaf.

1844 Gregg Commerce 1.173 NM, When short of means they often support themselves upon only a real each per day, their usual food consisting of bread and a kind of coarse cake-sugar called piloncillo. 1845 Green Jrl. Texian Exped. 264, Our cook brings us in . . two and a half pounds of brown sugar, ‘pilonci.’ 1854 in 1932 SW Hist. Qrly. 35.310, Gathered some quinces and stewed them with Pelonce or Mexican sugar. 1875 Fur Fin & Feather 108 NM, You are all the nights at fandangoes, and all the days eating piloncillo and learning Spanish with the senorites [sic]. 1892 DN 1.193 TX, Pilón: a loaf of sugar. The usual forms in Texas are pilonce and piloncillo; they are applied to small loaves of unrefined Mexican sugar in the form of a truncated cone three or four inches high, which come generally wrapped in yucca or palm leaves. They taste very much like maple sugar. 1898 Canfield Maid of Frontier 207 (DA), ‘Peloncillo,’ crude brown sugar, in a stick. 1940 Writers’ Program Guide AZ 206 cAZ, In the show cases are Mexican candies: Pilonsillos, brown, cone-shaped, and made from pure cane sugar. 1967 DARE (Qu. H82b, Kinds of cheap candy that used to be sold years ago) Inf TX5, Piloncillo [ˌpɪlonˈsio]—raw sugar (unrefined) in shape of cone with stick in it; TX11, Piloncillo [ˌpilonˈsijə]—dregs from sugar mill formed into a cone. 1981 Pederson LAGS Basic Materials, 1 inf, csTX, [ˌp‘iḷṇˈsi·əl͔]—Made from boiling sugar cane and molding it into cones. It’s brown, like brown sugar. Used for sweetening by chipping off pieces for coffee, lemonade, etc; 1 inf, csTX, [ˈp‘ɛ˄·l͕ənˌsi˅·ə·z̥]—Piloncillos = unrefined sugar loaves. 1985 Fierman Guts & Ruts 68 NM (as of c1850), Chocolate is a very popular drink of the affluent. Sugar is used, but not the refined variety; rather, coarse brown sugar is molded into cakes called peloncillo.
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