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parrot-toed adj Pronc-spp paratoed, parry-toed, pear-toed chiefly Mid Atl, S Atl See Map Having feet that turn inward; pigeon-toed; hence n pl parrot toes inward-turning feet.

1824 N. Amer. Rev. 19.223, Who ever before thought of General Washington . . marching with the true aboriginal parrot toed gait in an elegant costume of party colored feathers, and porcupine’s quills! 1845 (1969) Willis Dashes 4.215 NEast, To aid the likeness, he is slightly parry-toed. 1849 Lynch Exped. Jordan 91 VA, Most of the Turks walk what is termed “parrot-toed,”—very much like our Indians. 1899 (1912) Green VA Folk-Speech 312, Parrot-toed. . . Parry-toed, with the toes turned in in walking. 1930 DN 6.82 cSC, Paratoed. . . Pigeon-toed. Probably the expression was originally parrot-toed, although no one associates it with a parrot now. Universal. 1947 McDavid Coll. GA, Parrot toed = pigeon toed. 1950 PADS 14.50 SC, Paratoed. . . Parrot-toed, a milder degree of pigeon-toed. 1965–70 DARE (Qu. X37, . . Words . . to describe people’s legs if they’re noticeably bent, or uneven, or not right) 10 Infs, chiefly S Atl, Parrot-toed; VA69, 73, Parrot toes; FL33, Pear-toed [peɪɚ toᴜd]—they point their toes in when they walk; GA43, Pear-toed—same as slew-footed; (Qu. X38, Joking names for unusually big or clumsy feet) Inf NC49, Pear [peɚ]-toed. [10 of 15 Infs Black or Amer Ind] 1986 Pederson LAGS Concordance, 1 inf, csAL, Pear-toed = pigeon-toed? [Inf Black]

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