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miner’s consumption

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miner’s consumption n  Also miner’s asthma, ~ con, ~ lung, ~ puff, the miner’schiefly West, esp CA, NV, CO See Map Cf con n1 Any of several lung diseases caused by inhalation of mineral particles or coal dust.1945 CA Folkl. Qrly. 4.322 CO [Mining terms], The miners: Silicosis.  1949 Emrich Wild West Custom 165 West, A miner with silicosis had rock on the chest, rock on the box, the miner’s con or, succinctly, the miner’s. 1960 Korson Black Rock 351 PA, Industrial ballads were sung solo and often without pause between stanzas; exceptions were in the cases of individual singers suffering from anthracosis, or “miner’s asthma.”  1967–70 DARE (Qu. BB10, . . Names or nicknames . . for tuberculosis) Infs CO33, 35, 39, 47, NV2, 8, Miner’s consumption; CA59, 123, CO14, 33, 47, NV2, 8, Miner’s con; CO47, Miner’s puff; (Qu. BB49, . . Other kinds of diseases) Infs AK1, NV2, Miner’s consumption; PA245, Miner’s asthma.  1968 Thrush Dict. of Mining 840, Pneumoconiosis. . . Also called miner’s asthma; miner’s consumption; miner’s lung.  1969 Kantor MO Bittersweet 287, What are the lungs like, inside that maltreated chest? (Oldtimers in Missouri mining regions used to talk about “miners’ con,” a form of silicosis which in its later stages ran into tuberculosis.)


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