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maniportia n Usu |ˌmænᵻˈpo(r)čə|; for addit proncs see quot 1965–70 [Var of Lat mania a potu literally “madness from drinking”] chiefly MD See Map  

Delirium tremens.

[1837 S. Lit. Jrl. new ser 1.6.515 seSC, “Mania a potu,” as physicians say [in ref to a drunkard’s hallucinations]. 1850 Garrard Wah-to-yah 265 SW, So ended Hatcher’s tale of Wah-to-yah, or what the mountaineer saw when he had the mania potu. 1872 (1973) Thompson Major Jones’s Courtship 75 GA, And old Miss Stallins seems like she’d have the hidrafoby or manupotu about it.] 1965–70 DARE (Qu. DD22, . . Delirium tremens) Infs MD20, 48, [ˌmænᵻˈpočə]; MD29, 31, [ˌmænᵻˈpɔrčə]; DC8, [ˌmænəˈpɔčə]; MD11, [ˌmænəˈporčə]; MD15, [ˌmænᵻˈpɛočə]; MD36, 42, [ˌmænᵻˈpročə]; LA14, [ˈmɔnəˈpoᴜčə]; MD26, [ˌmænᵻˈpɔrči]; MD34, [ˌmænᵻˈpɔršə]; (Qu. DD24, . . Diseases that come from continual drinking) Inf MD20, [ˌmænᵻˈpočə]. 1983 NADS Letters sMD, Used by the older native population, “maniportia” denotes madness from overindulgence in alcohol. It carries the implication of near violent behavior. . . The following is an excerpt from a local doctor. . . “When the word Maniportia is used it obviously has the same meaning as ‘Delerium [sic] Tremens’ . . the symptoms seen in alcohol withdrawal.”

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