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mango n
1 Any of var fruits or vegetables (as a muskmelon, peach, pepper, or cucumber) filled with a usu highly spiced stuffing and pickled. [OED mango sb.1 4 1699 →; the East Indian mango (Mangifera indica) was at first known only as a pickle; the “mangoes” illustr here were made in imitation of that imported delicacy.]1806 (1970) Webster Compendious Dict. 184, Mango, . . a fruit from the E. Indies pickled, a green musmelon [sic] pickled. [DARE Ed: The second part of this definition does not appear in Webster’s English model.] 1830 Child Frugal Housewife 89, Musk-melons should be picked for mangoes, when they are green and hard.  1847 (1852) Crowen Amer. Cookery 390, Melon Mangoes.—Get the late, small, smooth, green melon. [DARE Ed: The melons are stuffed with horseradish, cucumbers, green beans, nasturtiums, onions, mustard seed, peppercorns, cloves, and allspice, and then pickled.]  1890 James Mother James’ Cooking 391, Pickled Mangoes. Select green or half-grown muskmelons. . . Peach Mangoes. . . Green Pepper Mangoes.Ibid 392, Cucumber Mangoes. . . Take fresh vinegar, a gallon to one and one-half pounds of brown sugar, boil for fifteen or twenty minutes and pour over mangoes.  1903 DN 2.320 seMO, Mango. . . A kind of pickle made of small green melons stuffed with tomatoes, etc.  1940 Brown Amer. Cooks 395 MA, Stuffed Mangoes. . . Either green peppers or small muskmelons may be used for mangoes. Mix all well together and fill each mango. 1953 Piercy Shaker Cook Book 187, Pickled Bell Peppers. . . The North Union (OH) Sisters made literally hundreds of crocks of these pickled peppers, or pickled mangoes.  1982 Weaver Quaker Woman’s Cookbook lxvi, In Pennsylvania and western Maryland, mangoes were generally made with green bell peppers. In Tidewater Maryland . . muskmelons provided the most popular form of local mango.  
2 also mango pepper; pronc-sp mangle: A pepper, esp a green pepper 1.chiefly W Midl See Map1948 WELS Suppl. VA, I was surprised while living in Virginia to see green peppers advertised and sold as “mangoes.” 1950 WELS (Large sweet peppers) 2 Infs, WI, Mangoes.  c1960 Wilson Coll. csKY, Mango. . . Sweet pepper, bell-pepper. 1964 Gourmet May 2, [Letter:] The use of the term mango for bell pepper . . is not limited to Indiana. I have heard it used in Louisiana and Georgia. We once had an old English gardener up in Vermont many years ago, and he always called the green pepper a mango. Bird and chili peppers are also referred to as mangoes.  1965–70 DARE (Qu. I22d, . . Peppers—large sweet) 113 Infs, chiefly W Midl, esp sIL, sIN, sOH, Mangoes; IN41, 48, Sweet mangoes; MO39, Mango peppers; MO5, MO27, Mangles; MO4, Tomato peppers—also called the little mangle peppers; (Qu. I22c, . . Peppers—small sweet) 15 Infs, chiefly N Midl, Mangoes; IL85, Small mangoes; OK3, Mango peppers; (Qu. I22b, . . Peppers—large hot) Infs IN76, KS1, PA150, Mangoes; MO6, Mangoes—not so hot nor so small; KS6, KY52, VA28, Mango peppers; IN41, 48, Hot mangoes; (Qu. I22a, . . Peppers—small hot) Infs IL7, MO18, Mango peppers; NJ2, Mangoes.  1970 DARE File KY, sOH, Mango—bell pepper. 1972 NYT Article Letters cnIN, In my home area, green (bell) peppers are called mangos.

3 also mango melon: A melon (Cucumis melo Chito Group). [See quot 1988] Also called vegetable peach1934 (1943) W2 , Mango melon. . . A muskmelon (Cucumis melo chito) bearing orangelike fruit used as pickles and preserves.  1970 DARE (Qu. I26, . . Kinds of melons) Inf VA108, Mangoes—small cantaloupes, not an actual mango. 1976 Bailey–Bailey Hortus Third 342, [Cucumis] Melo. . . Chito Group. . . Mango m[elon], orange m., garden lemon, melon apple, vegetable orange, vine peach. . . Fr[uit] yellow or orange, the size and shape of a lemon or orange, flesh white and firm, not fragrant. Used to make preserves and pickles.  1986 Pederson LAGS Concordance (Muskmelon) 1 inf, cnGA, Mango. 1988 Whealy Garden Seed Inventory (2d ed) 229, Vine Peach (Mango Melon, Vegetable Peach) . . native American annual, peach size and color, flavor & texture much like mango, easy to grow, . . best when cooked for canning & preserves & pies & pickling whole (for pickling pick while still green).


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