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larruping adj Pronc-spp larapen, larepin, lar(ri)pin; for addit varr see quots
also tad-larruping; Esp of food: delicious, excellent; hence adv larruping extremely—usu in comb larruping good. [ larrup v 1, by analogy with whopping, thumping; cf EDD larruping (2) (at larrup v. 1)] esp W Midl, TX, OK See Map Cf lamming adj
1905 DN 3.86 nwAR, Larrupin’. . . Good. ‘I’ve got something larrupin’ for you.’ 1921 DN 5.113 CA, Larapen, laraping. . . Accent first syllable. . . very good; . . exceedingly. Of southern origin. Widely current in California. 1923 DN 5.213 swMO, Larrupin’. . . Exceeding pleasant to taste. 1929 AmSp 4.330 TX, Larripin. . . seems to be complimentary in its nature as one hears of “larripin good” pie or soup. 1939 (1973) FWP Guide MT 414, Larrupin’ truck—“Great stuff.” 1939 FWP Guide TN 458 cwTN, “They” (sorghum is never referred to as “it”) are “larrupin good truck” for the table. 1942 Perry Texas 138, A tasty dish is “larrupin’,” which could have come from the use of the same word meaning a “beating,” thus developing a connotation of superiority. 1943 (1970) Guthrie Bound for Glory 48 cOK, Anything you like real good an’ ain’t got fer a long time, an’ then you git it, that’s larepin’. 1949 PADS 11.23 CO, Larrupin’. . . Extremely. “Larrupin’ good food.” 1959 VT Hist. 27.147, Larruping. . . Slang. Extremely. Occasional. 1960 Criswell Resp. to PADS 20 Ozarks, Larrupin—exceedingly good to the taste; first rate, top-notch; plenty good. 1965–70 DARE (Qu. KK1a, . . Very good—for example, food: “That pie was _____.”) Infs IL25, NE11, OK9, 27, 31, TN26, TX1, 81, Larruping; IL96, TN23, 31, TX35, Larruping good; MS1, Ain’t that tad-larruping; NM9, Larrupin’ dope—cowboy used to say; TN36, Larruping good truck; (Qu. DD15, A person who is thoroughly drunk) Inf LA14, Larruping drunk; (Qu. LL35, Words used to make a statement stronger: “This cake tastes _____good.”) Infs IL135, LA28, MO7, OK25, TN31, TX98, Larrupin(g). 1975 Gainer Witches 13 sAppalachians, Larpin’. . . very, exceedingly. “This pie is larpin’ good.” 1976 Harper’s Weekly 26 Jan 19 cKS, If the pecan pie at the family reunion was delicious, people . . proclaimed, “This pie is absolutely larapin.” 1986 Pederson LAGS Concordance, 1 inf, nwLA, Larruping—really good; 1 inf, cwFL, Larruping good.

By ext: see quot. Cf larrup n 2
c1968 DARE FW Addit swOK, Larruping [ˈlærpᵻn]—Too sweet to be good eating; cloying.
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