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goozle n
1 also goozlem; for addit varr see quots; often in combs: The throat as a whole, or spec the gullet, windpipe, or Adam’s apple. [Varr of guzzle 1] chiefly Sth, S Midl See Map Cf gizzle, goggle n, google, gorgle, gozzle n1883 (1971) Harris Nights with Remus 65 GA [Black], He ketch a whiff er de dram, en den he see it on de side-bode, en he step up en drap ’bout a tumbeler full some’rs down in de neighborhoods er de goozle. 1897 (1952) McGill Narrative 261 ceSC, Do let me go. I want to cut Tillman’s d— goozle out. 1902 DN 2.235 sIL, Goozle [guzḷ]. . . The larynx.  1903 DN 2.315 seMO, I got up with a sore goozle this morning. 1906 DN 3.138 nwAR, Goozle, gozzle, guzzle. . . Throat.  1908 DN 3.317 eAL, wGA, Goozle. . . The throat, the neck. 1915 DN 4.184 swVA, Goozle. Variant of guzzle.1917 DN 4.412 wNC, Goozle.1927 DN 5.474 Ozarks, Wet yer goozle oncet with this hyar licker. 1938 Rawlings Yearling 275 nFL, If he [=a hog] didn’t have no goozle, he couldn’t squeal.  1939 Harris Purslane 119 cNC, John told them he had a sweet goosel where cider was concerned and couldn’t use hard [=hard cider]. c1940 Eliason Word Lists FL 8 wFL, Goozle: The trachea or windpipe. The term is used mostly in speaking of butchered animals.  1942 McAtee Dial. Grant Co. IN 30 (as of 1890s), Goozlem . . gullet.  1947 True 32.104 New Orleans LA [Black], They served real good cold beer in those days. . . It almost froze your goozle pipes.  1954 Harder Coll. cwTN, I heard tell o’ windpipe. We allus call it goozle.  c1960 Wilson Coll. csKY, Goozle(m). . . The neck or throat. 1965–70 DARE (Qu. X7, Other names for the throat: “Some food got stuck in his _____.”) 109 Infs, chiefly Sth, S Midl, Goozle; LA8, VA73, Goozle pipe; TX86, Goozem pipe; VA13, Goozler. c1970 Pederson Dial. Surv. Rural GA (Throat) 1 inf, seGA, [ˈgous̬əl]; 1 inf, seGA, [ˈgu˅u˅zḷ, ˈgo˄uzḷ].  1986 Pederson LAGS Concordance Gulf Region (Neck; throat) 456 infs, (A or your, etc) goozle; 28 infs, Goozle pipe [These resps are said by var infs to refer esp to the Adam’s apple, windpipe, or gullet, or, less often, to the neck or throat in general; a few infs say it is used only of animals.]; 3 infs, Goozler; 2 infs, Gooze pipe—Adam’s apple; 1 inf, Goozling pipe; 1 inf, Goozle bane; 1 inf, Goozle bane—lump part of throat; 1 inf, Goozle bone—Adam’s apple, goozle vein, sugar bone; 1 inf, Goozle bone—where you swallow; 1 inf, Goozle vein.  1987 DARE File nwAL, Goozle [=Adam’s apple].
2 =goozlum.
1960 Wentworth–Flexner Slang 224, Goozle. . . Anything more or less of the consistency of thickened gravy.
3 A large amount. Cf goodles1966 DARE (Qu. U38b, . . “He made a _____ [of money].”) Inf SC10, Goozle.


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