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flug n  Also sp phlug Dust or lint that collects in pockets, under beds, and in similar places; also fig.1934 Wylie Finnley Wren 301 neNJ, The ones we talked about. Where are they now? What are they doing? Bitter fragments on the Lethe. Chips and gobbets. Human flug.  1952 We’re Not Married [Movie] (DAS at phlug), Did you drop some flug in my cup? 1952 San Francisco Examiner (CA) 4 Dec 33/1, [Herb Caen’s column, subtitle:] Pocketful of flug.1970 DARE File, Flug [flʌ:g]—dust curls under furniture. Heard from “Southern people” in California.  1973 San Francisco Chronicle (CA) 19 Nov 29/1 [Herb Caen’s column], In answer to questions from a few mildly interested readers, “phlug” is the stuff that collects in the pockets of aging suits and overcoats.  1980 DARE File NYC (as of 1930s), As for phlug, or flug, in high school and college this was (specifically) the lint that collected in the navel.  1982 Smithsonian Letters KS, A friend from Kansas calls the dust rolls “flug.”



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