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cream cheese

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cream cheese n
1 Cottage cheese. esp LA See Map1941 LANE Map 299, The map shows the terms cottage cheese . . cream ch. . . and Irish ch. . . denoting a kind of cheese made of the curds of whole or skim milk, curdled either naturally or artificially. . . Cream cheese is often described as finer and smoother than the other varieties. 1962 Atwood Vocab. TX 61, The southern Louisiana cream cheese (also meaning cottage cheese) has penetrated into, but not much beyond, the southeastern counties of Texas.  1965–70 DARE (Qu. H60, The lumpy white cheese that is made from sour milk) 25 Infs, esp LA, Cream cheese. 1967 LeCompte Word Atlas 290 seLA, (Homemade cheese made out of milk curd)—Cream cheese [17 of 21 infs].
2 See quot.1968 DARE FW Addit New Orleans LA, Cream cheese: A breakfast dessert with cream over sour cheese—sugar is spread over it. [FW: This is neither cottage cheese nor what is sold commercially as “cream cheese”.]   


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