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chicken corn soup

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chicken corn soup n, also attrib chiefly PA See Map Cf rivel n 1

 A soup made with chicken, corn and rivels (small pieces of egg and flour dumpling).

1964 Amer. Heritage Cookbook 425, Chicken Corn Soup was a favorite in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania, where it was often served on picnics during the summer. A 4-pound stewing chicken . . 10 ears fresh corn . . Rivels: 1 cup flour Pinch of salt 1 egg Milk. 1965–70 DARE (Qu. H36, Kinds of soup favored around here) 13 Infs, PA, Chicken corn soup; PA242, Chicken corn soup—corn, chicken and rivels (egg and flour drops like noodles); (Qu. H45, Dishes made with meat, fish, or poultry) Infs MD27, PA13, 22, 29, 150, Chicken corn soup; (Qu. H50, Dishes made with beans, peas, or corn) Infs MD27, PA18, 136, 150, 242, Chicken corn soup; (Qu. FF1, . . A “social”) Inf PA242, Chicken-corn-soup supper; (Qu. FF16, . . Local contests or celebrations) Inf PA7, Chicken-corn-soup supper.


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