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bealing nformerly more widespread, now chiefly Appalachians See Map An abscess or boil, esp in the ear.1824 in 1956 Eliason Tarheel Talk 259 swNC, Your negro woman Easther has been verry bad with a bealing on her brest. 1886 Amer. Philol. Assoc. Trans. 17.37 Sth, Bealing, a ‘boil or sore.’ Very common in East Tennessee, and known also in the West.  1902 DN 2.229 sIL.1912 DN 3.571 wIN.1914 DN 4.103 KS.1927 AmSp 2.348 WV, He has a bad bealing on his hand.  1959 Hench Coll. VA Mts, A Ch[arlottes]ville V[irgini]a doctor said that “a bealing [is] an infection of the ear.” 1965–70 DARE (Qu. BB37, When yellowish stuff comes out of a person’s ear, he has a _____) 15 Infs, chiefly Appalachians, Bealin’; VA1, Bealin’ in his head; OH66, PA142, Bealing [15 of 18 Infs old]; (Qu. BB30, . . A hard, painful swelling . . under the skin) Infs OH50, PA74, Bealing; (Qu. BB33a, . . A swelling under the skin, bigger than a pimple, that comes to a head) Infs TN12, WV13, Bealing.

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