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babushka n Also bambushka, busha, bushka [Russ “grandmother”] chiefly Nth See Map Also called immigrant shawl n

A head-scarf, esp a triangular one tied under the chin.

1945 New Leader (Richmond VA) 2 Aug 14/3 (Hench Coll.) Hollywood CA, This headpiece [shapka] is a cross between a “babushka” and a snood. 1950 WELS (A square cloth that women fold and tie over their heads) 23 Infs, WI, Babushka; 1 Inf, Babushka—[by] country kids, my daughters tell me;1 Inf, Babushka—within last ten or twelve years;1 Inf, Babushka and satka by older people in [the] community; 1 Inf, Bambushka; 1 Inf, Bushka or headscarf. 1965–70 DARE (Qu. W3) 139 Infs, chiefly sNEng, Inland Nth, Babushka; MI108, Babushka, busha [bəˈbᴜškə, ˈbušə].

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