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Adam’s housecat

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Adam’s housecat n  Also Adam’s cat, ~ housechiefly S Atl, Gulf States See Map

=Adam’s off-ox 1.

1908 DN 3.285 eAL, wGA, Adam’s (house-)cat. . . “He wouldn’t know me from Adam’s house-cat.”  1965–70 DARE (Qu. II26, . . “I wouldn’t know him from _____.”) 83 Infs, chiefly S Atl, Gulf States, Adam’s housecat; LA25, OH90, VA69, 71, Adam’s cat; AL10, Adam’s house; FL48, A housecat, [corr to] Adam’s housecat. [Of all Infs responding to the question, 26% had less than hs educ; of those giving these responses, 56% had less than hs educ.]

Map of Adam's housecat


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