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acknowledge the corn

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acknowledge the corn v phr Also confess the corn, own ~; acknowledge the coin, ~ malt [acknowledge admit + corn corn liquor (DA corn 2, 1820   →); see AmSp 51.102–08] Addit quots and varr in 1912 Thornton Amer. Gloss. formerly widespread, now chiefly Midl old-fash, joc

Orig, to admit to being drunk; by ext, to admit to any mistake, fault, or impropriety. 
1839 Times-Picayune (New Orleans LA) 5 Apr 2/3 (AmSp 51.107) VA, We “acknowledge the corn.” . . The people there [=in Mississippi] do not drink one-tenth part of what they do in this state. 1842 Spirit of the Times 16 Mar (1912 Thornton Amer. Gloss.), Your honor, I confess the corn. I was royally drunk. 1861 Harper’s New Mth. Mag. 23.280/2 AR, Sure enough it was his own house. . . He ‘owned the corn,’ flung Cæsar a dollar to pay for the information, and passed the remainder of the night at home with his guests. 1865 Derby Squibob 171, Amos acknowledged the malt by a cheerful guffaw. 1908 DN 3.285 eAL, wGA, Acknowledge the corn. . . Sometimes acknowledge the coin is heard. 1923 DN 5.199 swMO. 1927 AmSp 2.347 WV. 1936 AmSp 11.316 Ozarks, Own the corn. 1940 in 1944 ADD nWV.
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