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Frequently Asked Questions about the DARE Survey


1)    All of my personal information, e-mail address, etc., is confidential, right?

That is correct. None of your personal information will be shared, sold, or released in any way. Our final report will include general demographic information with the responses, such as “small town,” “city,” “high-school education,” or “young,” but no personal information will be linked with the Survey results. 

2)     I don’t have time right now to answer any more questions. Can I come back to the Survey later and continue?

Yes! Close the Browser window by clicking on the X. Don’t use the Browser back arrow or you’ll be closed out of the Survey permanently.  To get back into the Survey, go to the e-mail sent to you by the UW Survey Center and click on the link provided. That will bring you back to the exact place where you stopped before.

3)    Some of the categories in the Topic Menu are shaded. Does that mean I can’t answer any of those questions?

Shaded topics mean that someone from your community has already answered those questions, but all sections are still available to you. Feel free to answer any and all questions that interest you. We encourage you, however, to choose sections that haven’t been completed before doing the shaded topics.

4)    I have lived in this community for fifteen years, but where I lived before might have influenced my speech. Where can I let you know about other places I’ve lived?

We are interested in possible influences on your speech. Please include any relevant information in the Comments box at the end of the Survey.

5)    I’d like to know what other people answered. How can I find out the results of the Survey?

We will be collecting responses through September 30, 2014 and then we’ll start tabulating them. By July of 2015 we’ll have the results available for public view. Check our website for updates.

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