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The DARE Surveys and Fieldwork

Then: 1965–70

Go to Survey Results

–Learn about the history of the 1965–70 DARE Survey

-See the full text of the DARE Questionnaire or Download Here [pdf]

–Hear audio samples of "Arthur the Rat" and other recordings

–Read excerpts of Fieldwork Reminiscences  from our newsletters

–Go to Survey Image Gallery

 –Consult the Data Summary which shows the full set of responses to the Questionnaire


Now: 2013–14

Go to Survey Results

Go to Telephone Interviews

Go to Maps

Who can take the Online Survey of Wisconsin English? [pdf]

-See your community's progress on completing the survey

–Questions? View our FAQs

–Read the Press release [pdf] for the Survey launch 

–View the telephone interview materials: the Pronunciation List and "The Story of Arthur the Rat"

View maps created from survey results (more maps forthcoming)

View Survey Results




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