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The Index to Volumes I-V

Have you ever speculated on what could be considered "Illinois words," or even "Chicago words"? Would you like to know what words are used particularly frequently among women or Black speakers of American English? Are you looking for examples of rhotacism or ellipsis to use in your class?

We've made it easy to find the answers to these and similar questions.  This Index lists all states, cities, and other geographical regions, as well as social and usage labels, etymological processes, and languages mentioned in the head sections of DARE entries.  Following each headword is the label as a whole as it appears in DARE.

You cannot, of course, use the Index without DARE, for the meanings of the terms are not given in the Index. And you must keep in mind that words used in Illinois, for example, are also used in larger regions which subsume Illinois: the state is included in the regions labeled North Central and Upper Mississippi Valley as well as Mississippi-Ohio Valleys. And parts of Illinois are included in the regions labeled North, North Midland, South Midland, and Great Lakes. To find out which states are assigned to particular regional terms, please go to Regional Distributions.

An Index of Labels by Region, Usage, and Etymology to DARE

This list includes all terms which were used in the entry labels in the first five volumes (A-Z) of DARE. The entries in which they have been used can be seen by clicking on the desired term below. (Please be patient as it loads.) Please note that occasional changes have been made to entries in the digital edition that are not reflected here.

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