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[Note: Parts of this entry were previously at crawfish.]

craw n2 chiefly IN, OH, wPA

cane skimmings

[Note: Parts of this entry were previously at cane beer.]

cane beer

cane beer n chiefly GA, Gulf States Also called

budge adj

budge adj [Cf EDD budge adj.2 “Gay, brisk, jocund”]


buck n4 Also rarely buck beer S Atl, esp sGA, nFL


broomball n esp Nth Cf DCan (and quot 1904 below for earlier Canadian evidence)


bronco n |ˈbrɑŋko| Also sp broncho;


briggle v [Cf Scots, nEngl, nIr dial broggle to bungle, to patch [etc] and Scots breeghle “To make little progress, with much waddling and bustle, in going through any work”

brick mush

brick mush n Cf mush n


brickle adj

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