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anvil chorus

anvil chorus n [In joc allusion to the well-known chorus in Verdi’s Il Trovatore (1853)] old-fash

anadama bread

anadama bread n Also amadama bread, amidama ~, ammy dammy ~, annadama ~, yami-dami ~ [Etym unknown]

amongst hands pron phr

[Note: This entry was previously among(st) hands of them.]

among(st) hands adv phr

among(st) hands adv phr chiefly Midl old-fash or obs Cf amongst hands pron phr


among(st) prep Also aphet ’mongs(t), ’mung


amarugian n, adj, freq cap Also anaroogian, anarugeon, an(n)arugian Also sp amaroogian, amarugeon,



always ago

always ago adv phr Usu pronc-spp allers ago, allus ago eKY ?obs

along of

along of prep phr Also aphet ’long of chiefly NEng, Midl, Sth old-fash or obs


all’s pron Also al(l)st [Contr of all + as conj D (+ that)]

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