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buck n1

buck n1, freq attrib [ME bukke stag, he-goat]


bump v, hence vbl n bumping

Write Right: Wicked Fresh Episode Y'all

date of publication: 
Texas A&M Writing Center

sweep rake

sweep rake n

straw bucker

straw bucker n obs Cf buck v1 B7a, bucking pole n

news bee

news bee n Also news bug, ~ fly [See quots] chiefly Midl

honey fly

honey fly n [See quots 1915, 1997] chiefly NY Cf buckwheat fly n

hay sweep

hay sweep n Also sweep [nEngl dial, attested 1800→; EDD hay-sweep (at hay sb.1 1.(46)), sweep sb.1 II.11, and cf sweep v.

hay bucker

hay bucker n

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