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hell night

hell night n scattered, but esp NJ Cf devil’s night n

goosey night

goosey night n Also goose night Also sp goosie night nNJ, NYC

gate night

gate night n Also front gate night chiefly Nth, N Midl east of Missip R; esp seNY Cf mischief night n

garbage-can night

[Note: This entry was previously garbage night.]

fox night

fox night n [Perh folk-etym for Fawkes + night; in parts of England the night before Guy Fawkes Day, which occurs on Nov 5, is a traditional “mischief night.”]


fire n, v Usu |faɪr, faɪə|; also esp Midl |fơr|; also esp Delmarva, sNJ, |fɔr|; for addit varr see quots Pronc-spp fahr, far(r), fiah,

doorbell night

doorbell night n scattered Nth, Midl Cf mischief night n

devil's night

devil’s night n Also devil’s eve scattered, but esp seMI Cf hell night n

damage night

damage night n esp swOH

corn night

corn night n chiefly N Midl; also Appalachians Cf corn v 4, mischief night n

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