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bucking pole

bucking pole n chiefly Upper MW, esp ND Cf buck v1 B7a, buck rake

buck-rake v

buck-rake v, hence vbl n buck-raking

To collect and transport (usu hay or straw) with a buck rake n 2.

buck rake n

buck rake n

bull rake n 1.


without prep, adv, conj Usu |wɪðˈaᴜt, wɪθ-|; for addit varr see A below

attic fly

attic fly n [See quot 1975] esp N Cent, Upper MW


airified adj Also sp airyfied [OED3 1837→; air demeanor, haughtiness + -ified suff] old-fash

ahold of

ahold of adj phr Also aholt of [From ahold n, prob through reinterpretation of get, as “come to be” rather than “obtain,” in the comb get ahold of]


ahind prep, adv Also (as prep) ahind of Pronc-spp ahine, ahint [Scots, nEngl, nIr dialect] chiefly NEng, Sth, S Midl old-fash or obs


agee adj, adv Also sp ajee [Scots, nEngl, nIr dial; cf OED3 ajee, EDD agee]

Askew, out of square.


afterwhile adv [Shortened from adv phr after a while, perh infl by meanwhile] chiefly Sth, Midl

After a while, later.
a1811 in 1888 Hist. Soc.

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