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honey fly

honey fly n [See quots 1915, 1997] chiefly NY Cf buckwheat fly n

hay sweep

hay sweep n Also sweep [nEngl dial, attested 1800→; EDD hay-sweep (at hay sb.1 1.(46)), sweep sb.1 II.11, and cf sweep v.

hay bucker

hay bucker n

hay buck

[Note: Sense 3 was formerly at buck n2.]

hay buck n Also buck


finacious adj chiefly eKY Cf finatially adv

corn fly

corn fly n chiefly Midl west of Appalachians Cf corn tassel fly (at tassel fly n)


bush n1, v1 Usu |bᴜš|, also |buš|, |bɝš| Pronc-spp boosh, bursh Cf Pronc Intro 3.I.5.c, 3.I.23


burr n1 Also sp bur

bunch fly

bunch fly n NY


bum v2, hence vbl n bumming [bum to loaf] chiefly wGt Lakes old-fash

To play hooky; to skip (school).
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