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[Note: This entry was previously arsle.]

assle v Also arsle, assel, azzle [EDD arsle “To move backwards. . . To move when in a sitting posture; hence, to shuffle, fidget”]

alley taw

alley taw n Also alley taw marble, alley tor [OED3 (at alley n.2) 1837→] ?obs Cf

soap night

soap night n Also window-soaping night scattered Nth, N Midl Cf mischief night n


[Note: This entry was previously shoot the anvil.]


roundst prep, adv Also sp rounst [Prob by analogy with amongst, against; cf alongst prep,

picket night

picket night n Cf mischief night n

moving night

moving night n Also move night esp Baltimore MD Cf mischief night n

mischief night

mischief night n [Attested in nEng (Yorkshire and Lancashire) 1830→ for April 30 (the night before May Day) and 1850→ for November 4 (the night before Guy Fawkes Day)] NEast, esp NJ, sePA Also called damage night n, d

hell night

hell night n scattered, but esp NJ Cf devil’s night n

goosey night

goosey night n Also goose night Also sp goosie night nNJ, NYC

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