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devil's night

devil’s night n Also devil’s eve scattered, but esp seMI Cf hell night n

damage night

damage night n esp swOH

corn night

corn night n chiefly N Midl; also Appalachians Cf corn v 4, mischief night n



clothesline night


chalk night

chalk night n chiefly C Atl, sNEng Cf mischief night n

cabbage night

cabbage night n Also cabbage stalk night, cabbage stump ~ chiefly NEast, Gt Lakes, now esp western and southern NEng and NYC area Cf mischief night n

aye, yes, or no

aye, yes, or no n Also aye, yes, nor no; aye, yes, no, please, or thank you; ay, yes, or no chiefly Nth


ax-handle n

Orig among loggers: a unit of measurement, esp of width. often joc
[. .


anyways adv Cf -s suff1

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