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Quarterly Update 12 is Live!

If you have been lying awake nights wondering why Rhode Islanders call milk shakes “cabinets,” help is at hand in the latest Quarterly Update!

rattle band

rattle band n Also rattle-banding chiefly se, csPA, nw, cnMD, nVA Note: Despite the similarity of this region to that of bull band n, there is little overlap.


Note: Sense 1a(2) was previously a many quasi-n, 1b(1) was a many adj phr, and 1b(2) was a many a adj phr

many adj, n

kettle band

kettle band n

gun fence

gun fence n [See quot 1890] NEast obs Cf DS L61, 62

Dutch band

Dutch band n [Presumably because of the association of this custom with Pennsylvania Dutch culture] chiefly sePA old-fash Cf bull band n, kettle band

coffee milk

coffee milk n


cabinet n Also abbr cab [This first appears in the comb royal cabinet, originally an attributive phr that appeared at the time in the brand names of various products, esp drinks, presumably meant to suggest that they were suitable for a monarch’s private chambers or cupboard; “Royal Cabinet Champagne,” for instance, was widely advertised in the second half of the 19th century.

bull band

bull band n Also bulll-banding chiefly nwMD, c, ePA Note: For more detail on the regional distribution, see the note at rattle band n. old-fash


ascared adj Pronc-spp ascaid, ascairt, askear(e)d, askeart, askeer(e)d,

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