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14 words and phrases you'll only hear in the Northeast

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Quarterly Update 13 is Live!

Quarterly Update 13 marks the beginning of the fourth year of our series of new and revised entries. As always, they are posted and will remain on this site for everyone to see. The total is now over 500, and the full list is on the page All Updated Entries. Be sure to check back in November for the next installment.



[Note: Parts of this entry were previously at bead tree.]

mud swallow

mud swallow n chiefly PA, NY, NJ, West See Map Cf mud dauber n 2, mud martin n

mud martin

mud martin n Cf mud swallow n

mud dauber

mud dauber n Also mud dobber


chatterack n [Echoic; cf cha-cha n 1, chitterdiddle n]


care v, n Usu |kɛr, kɛə, ker, keə, kær, kæə|, also |kjɛr, k(j)ɪr, k(j)ir, kiə(r), kjɜ, kɛ:, kɪə| See Pronc Intro 3.I.1.b and 3.I.16 Pronc-spp kear, keer, kere, kyare


boundary n chiefly sAppalachians

bob jack

bob jack n

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