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bear claw

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bear claw n  Also bear’s claw, bear pawchiefly West, esp Pacific See Map

A large sweet pastry shaped like a bear’s paw.1942 AN&Q 2.55 San Francisco CA, Another variety [of “snail” pastry], with raisin filling, is (from its shape) known as a “bear-claw.”  1946 AmSp 21.87 CA, Bearclaw—a sweet bread shaped something like its name implies. 1965–70 DARE (Qu. H32, . . Fancy rolls and pastries) 60 Infs, chiefly West, Bear claws; IA13, MT5, WA3, Bear paws; CA87, NY94, Bear’s claws; (Qu. H28) Inf UT8, Bear claw.  1965 DARE File csWI, Bear claw—a type of sweet-roll, paw-shaped, with indentations along one side. Sold by bakeries.  1968 ID Enterprise (Malad City) 1 Feb 8/1, Hostess Bear Claws. . . 2 for 95¢. 1971 Bright Word Geog. CA & NV 177, Sweet roll . . [84 infs:] bear claw.



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