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pungle v  Also pongal, pungale Also with down, up [Span póngale put it down] chiefly West To shell out; to plunk down (money); to pay up; also fig.1851 Alta Californian 19 July (DA), A singular genius . . was ‘pongaling down’ huge piles of gold at a monte table.  1857 San Francisco Call (CA) 6 Jan. 2/2 (OED2), ‘Pungale down, gentlemen; come, pungale’, as the vingt-et-un lady used to say. 1867 Terr. Enterprise (Virginia, Nev.) 23 Feb. 3/3 (DA), All night the clouds pungled their fleecy treasure. 1877 Wright Big Bonanza 339, They have kicked the bully Miner; they have ducked him in the ditch, but they can’t make him pungle. 1884 Twain Huck. Finn 41, “I hain’t got no money, I tell you. You ask Judge Thatcher; he’ll tell you the same.” “All right. I’ll ask him; and I’ll make him pungle, too, or I’ll know the reason why.” 1910 E.S. Field Sapphire Bracelet xii.141 (OED2), I’ll have him arrested, and then make him pungle up something handsome before I’ll agree not to appear against him.  1967–68 DARE (Qu. U8b, . . “I paid ten dollars for it.”) Infs CA36, OR4, Pungled up; (Qu. U18, If you force somebody to pay money that he owes you, but that he did not want to pay . . “I finally made him _____.”) Infs CA15, 36, 87, OR4, Pungle up.  1968 DARE FW Addit CA62, Pungle—“Oh, boy, look at that stuff pungle”—of soil crumbling to reveal rich ore.  1975 Gores Hammett 130 San Francisco CA, Hammett had coffee and pungled up the required fifty cents.  1989 DARE File OR, I’ll contact Belknap Press about a review copy of Volume II, but of course if they can’t provide one, I’ll pungle up the funds to acquire it.


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