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Zion curtain

Zion curtain n [Prob after iron curtain on the basis of the Mormon use of Zion to refer to the community of believers]


swat v, hence vbl n, ppl adj swatting Cf


sty-baked adj [EDD (at sty sb.1 1) “of a pig: coated with dirt”]


smut n


sluice v, hence vbl n sluicing

slide stacker

slide stacker n Also slide, (pole) slide hay stacker

overshot stacker

overshot stacker n esp NW, Rocky Mts

Old Gappy

Old Gappy n [In reference to the large and widely spaced teeth of such a saw]


nab n [Orig, as “Nabs,” a trademark of Nabisco, registered in 1928, last renewed in 1988, and canceled in 2009] ch

Mormon derrick

Mormon derrick n Also Mormon hay derrick, ~ hay stacker,

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