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New in DARE: Bird’s Nest on the Ground

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Allan Metcalf, Lingua Franca, The Chronicle of Higher Education

Quarterly Update 5 is live!

If you’re from Arkansas or Missouri, you may want to have a bunking party to celebrate! If you’re in New Jersey or New York jumping for joy, please don’t bunk your head. Folks in Texas might say Quarterly Update 5 is a bird’s nest on the ground—so no bird-thrashing needed! Just grab your blickey and gather up some new words before the blackberry summer ends (Or is it blackberry winter?)

barred owl

barred owl n


-bit suff chiefly Sth, S Midl See Map

Billy Devil

Billy Devil n Also Old Billy Devil Cf


whicker n2 [Imitative] Sth, S Mid

timber wheels

timber wheels n pl esp PA, MD hist Also called


mind n, v Pronc-spp min(e) Cf Pronc Intro 3.I.22

logging wheels

logging wheels n pl scattered, but esp MI hist

log cart

log cart n Also log carrier, logging cart

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